Chapter 2190 Gabriela Asks for a Job

In the Teodoro Building, Teresa and Vera are anxious about the outcome of Rosemary and Beto's visit to Octavio's house. Ironically, the lobby radio plays “I'm a Believer” by Smash Mouth.

“Will Rosemary believe Patrick is the ‘beggar’?” Vera wonders.

“If she doesn’t believe it, Beto will ground her.” Teresa responds with a hard look, “She needs to wake up to life. This obsession with the ‘beggar’ isn’t normal.”

“And she swore so hard not to follow in her mother's footsteps...”

“But she didn’t just follow in the footsteps, she dove in head first!”

Teresa and Vera are startled by Patrick's bitter voice.

“Pat, we know you're upset, but—”

“Did she go there?” Patrick interrupts Vera with a glare.

Teresa responds, “Yes, Pat. She went. She needs to know the truth.”


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