Revenge of the Mafia Lord

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Revenge of the Mafia Lord

By: JheangLiit CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Paxton Cartier was the only son of the Cartier family. They’re known for being one of the wealthiest families in the country. But then, a tragedy happened that will turn his life upside down. A group of men set a big fire to the mansion where their family gathered for a banquet. Everyone died in the fire except him who was saved by Lorelei Marshall—unfortunately, her face was destroyed by the fire. Ten years later, Paxton came back after he ran away and hid. Now he owns the title of a Mafia King, one of the most powerful men in the country. He’s back to find the woman who saved him and mostly, he’s back to get his revenge on those people who destroyed his family!

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Chapter One: Use Her.
Chapter One: Use Her.INSIDE the mansion of the Marshalls’, there are about ten men lining up at the main door. Looking at them, Paxton couldn't help but sigh in frustration. How could a parents marry off their daughter to a man who can't even afford to wear decent clothes? Some of them were uglies, and some looked arrogant. They all look like they only wanted Lorelei's money. He guessed, his consigliere was right.While waiting on the last line, he finally saw Lorelei. Seeing her from a distance, he could recognize her right away. With a big scar on the left side of her face down to her neck… he felt sorry at how she looked. The only thing that made him recognized Lorelei was her light-blue eyes. After ten years, he finally decided to find the woman who saved his life. He asked his consigliere to find her, but it turned out that the woman who saved him lost her beauty because of the accident. Ten years ago, his family died in a banquet inside the mansion of Cartiers. Someone burned
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Chapter Two: Marry Me Again.
Chapter Two: Marry Me Again.LORELEI was stunned for a while. She couldn't move and was afraid of what he might think once he saw her scars. Is he going to shame her too just like everyone does?“Why do you want to see my scars?” she asked, almost stuttering.For a while, he didn't reply to her. Instead, he continued walking inside, on the way through the bed in the middle of the room. There was a metal table beside the bed where medicines and equipment were ready.“Take off all your clothes now, Lorelei. I’ve already prepared all of the things we needed,” he said. Then he disinfects his hands with alcohol and wore a white coat.“W-what are you going to do with me?” She was so nervous while he was busy doing something on the metal table. Her heart was beating so harshly, she couldn't breathe properly. What is happening? These are too sudden!Paxton looked in her direction and then stretched his arm to reach out to her. He pulled her slowly, making her sit on the soft bed. “Listen to
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Chapter Three: A Deal.
Chapter Three: A Deal.EVEN though they started in a not-so-ordinary situation, they decided to get married again and register their marriage. They think that it isn’t a bad decision because they are comfortable and happy together…After the Bugatti Centodieci parked in front of a villa, Paxton immediately held his hand for Lorelei after he opened the car’s door for her. She flashed a beautiful smile at him and then accepted his hand. “Thank you,” she said.“It’s a pleasure, My Lady,” he replied. He guided her out of the car.After they registered their marriage, they decided to visit Lorelei’s family to tell them the news. Paxton can see how excited Lorelei is to see her family after two weeks, especially since she has recovered her beauty now. “This is our family’s villa. It wasn't as luxurious as yours but…”He squeezed Lorelei’s hand. “No worries, I think your family’s villa is fine and beautiful. It is beautiful in its own way,” he replied.“My family loves me so much, they onl
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Chapter Four: No Sense of Fashion.
Chapter Four: No Sense of Fashion.AFTER making a deal with Lorelei’s father, Paxton and Lorelei decided to go back to the Villa where they were staying. Although Lorelei’s parents wanted her to stay for the night, Paxton insisted not to. He is Lorelei’s husband and seeing how her parents reacted earlier, he wasn't convinced that they wouldn't hide Lorelei if he left her in their house.“Can you really get the deal by tomorrow?” Lorelei asked. Her voice seemed to doubt her husband's ability. Especially since she didn't know him well.In the past two weeks that they have been together, Paxton didn't say anything about his personal life. What she just knew was, he has a limited edition car and a luxurious villa… that's all.“Don’t worry about it, I can do that,” Paxton replied. That night, Paxton waited for Lorelei to sleep before he called the Vice Chairman of Golden Realty Group. Holding a glass of whiskey, he sat down on an Acapulco chair on the balcony of his room. “Hello, Miss Wy
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Chapter Five: Ex-fiancé.
Chapter Five: Ex-fiancé.CHLOE’S words attracted everyone’s attention. While Lorelei couldn't help but feel mad, she was trying to provoke Paxton to tell them that he has a luxurious villa and a limited edition car. But Paxton didn't say anything, he just let her cousin humiliate him.“You should at least buy a new and expensive suit for your husband. He fixed your ugly face! Be grateful!” Chloe added.Theodore laughed beside Chloe, “she’s your ugly cousin, right? Wow! She looked so different from how I saw her last time. I almost didn't recognize her.”Paxton didn't like how Theodore insulted Lorelei so he stepped up, “she’s not ugly from before. It just happened that she got in an accident.”“That’s still the same, she became ugly!” Chloe interrupted. “Oh! I think I know the reason why you married her. Is it because you want to use her as an experiment? To see if you can regain her beauty?” “No! That’s not my intention—”He didn't finish what he was saying when the man behind them
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Chapter Six: Let Them Insult Me.
Chapter Six: Let Them Insult Me.Paxton becomes the laughingstock for the guests but for the Marshall family, it is embarrassing! Morgan couldn't help but get mad at Paxton who was giving them a lot of embarrassment tonight. It was a shame to have Paxton as their son-in-law! Until he couldn't help the humiliation anymore, he grabbed Paxton’s wrist while apologizing to Darius who was still mad. He dragged Paxton all the way to the uncrowded part of the hall.“You’re such a shame in our family!” Morgan said with gritted teeth. “How could you push Lord Darius? Don't you know he’s one of the most powerful and influential person in this country?!”Paxton just stood there, silently listening to his father-in-law’s anger. While Lorelei on the other side was trying to stop her father.“You should’ve let him dance with Lorelei!”That triggered Paxton. He sighed, “he was about to touch my wife’s bottom. Should I let him do that as well?” Paxton asked, trying to emphasize every word. Ever sinc
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Chapter Seven: Gift Worth $8.8 Million.
Chapter Seven: Gift Worth $8.8 Million.LORELEI woke up early today. It’s been almost three weeks since she stopped working at their company and she has to go back. Earlier, she received a text message from her father that there will be a family meeting that will be held this afternoon and she has to attend.“I will fetch you later after your work,” Paxton said. Lorelei was busy tying his tie. She’s more beautiful today. From her simple makeup that defines her natural beauty to her pink corporate attire. It was his first time seeing Lorelei wearing this. This looks better on her. “Usually, I got off by five. But then, it's been three weeks since I stopped working and I have a lot of pending works. I’m sure I need to work overtime for a week,” she replied. When Lorelei was finally done with his tie, she looked up at him and then smiled. “We’ll be having a family meeting this afternoon anyway,” she added.Paxton’s lips parted, he didn’t know but he felt something bad towards that meet
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Chapter Eight: The Owner.
Chapter Eight: The Owner.THIS is insane! How could Sylvester Braxon be his godfather?!That's what everyone was thinking right now after hearing Paxton’s revelation. They couldn't believe it! While Morgan was stunned, he was still processing all of what he heard. He realized the reason why he closed a $100 million deal with Golden Realty Company! It was all because Golden Realty is under Braxon Empire!“You’ve got to be kidding us, how will you prove that Sylvester Braxon was your godfather?” Levi asked, in an insulting tone. “How could a poor man like you have a connection with a rich billionaire like him?” Paxton shrugged and then he smiled. “How did you all suspect that I am poor?” he asked. “Was that because I am not wearing expensive clothes? Or was it because I lined up through those filthy men who want to marry Lorelei for their own good?”Lorelei was surprised by how her husband fought back against her brother. She thought that Paxton doesn’t have the courage to fight for hi
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Chapter Nine: Curious.
Chapter Nine: Curious. A WEEK has passed and Morgan Marshall is now fine after he was confined for a week due to some complications and also to monitor his heart. “If it’s not because of Paxton, your father might be dead by now,” Sharon said. They were busy packing Morgan’s bag, now that they were going home. He will be discharged this morning. “I still don't trust him,” Levi replied. “Well, you’re right. We shouldn't trust him right away. One thing that's bothering me is the fact that he married Lorelei when he didn't need money. You know how ugly she was when she had the scars on her face.” Levi shrugged. “Just don't fall for his trap. I’ll pay the bill.” He pretended to not care at all when in fact, he has a bad feeling towards Paxton. It seemed like he has seen him before, and it bothered him. He was too familiar but he just couldn’t figure out where he have seen him. After talking to his mother, Levi went out of the hospital room to go to the front desk to ask for their bi
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Chapter Ten: First Step.
Chapter Ten: First Step. WEARING white scrubs, Paxton was sitting in a swivel chair inside his clinic. He’s in the hospital and busy writing the prescription for his patient. “Here’s what you should take for your skin allergy. Don’t forget to wash the affected area before putting in an ointment. The antihistamine should be taken once a day,” he said. “Thank you, Doc!” As soon as the patient stood and walked out of the clinic, Oliver, Paxton’s assistant walked inside with a folder in his hand. “Good afternoon, My Lord! Here’s the information that you’re asking for.” Oliver propped the folder on his desk. “Thank you! Have a seat,” he replied. He quickly opened the envelope and took out the files inside. He quickly saw Darius Lavigne’s profile before he looked up at Oliver. “What did you find out?” he asked. Then scanned the profile that he was holding. All the details regarding Darius are in the file… “Mr. Sylvester was right, he proposed to Grace Cartier, your cousin before the
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