Chapter 2207 Peter also grew up

In the lobby of the Teodoro Building, Thierry realized that fourteen-year-old Pedro Chaves Reis is mature enough to have a heart-to-heart talk with him.

“Pedro, I know you are nervous, but allow me to explain.”

“No, I’m not nervous.” Pedro explains, “I’m disgusted, indignant, revolted, but nervous, not so much. Nervousness would mean punching you, but I don’t have enough muscle mass for that yet.”

“Why do you think everything would be solved by punching me?” Thierry leans against the news bulletin board, “Punching me won’t bring Rosemary back.”

“And you’re dying to get her back, correct?” Pedro pounces.

“She never needed to leave here in the first place.” Thierry shakes his head, “How come the family didn’t convince her to stay? You guys talk so much about the mother who is in Victoria...”

“She’d rat

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