Chapter 2208 The Inspector

At the Mountain Penthouse, Daryl is nervous and embarrassed in front of the inspector who has come to ask some questions. She is in her forties, wears glasses, has her hair pulled back stiffly in an old-fashioned bun, and is dressed in sober clothes. A clipboard and red pen rested in her arms.

She glanced at the living room clock and sighed. Avril Lavigne’s song “Complicated” didn’t cheer her up.

“Mr. Mountain, we definitely got off on the wrong foot.” She mutters, “If Mrs. Mountain doesn’t have the proper commitment to receive me—”

“Calm down, Mrs. Brito.” Daryl was buttoning a dress shirt as he was at the pool.

Mrs. Brito pretended not to, but she checked Daryl’s physique as he wore his shirt and smiled out of the corner of her mouth.

The bell rings and Daryl goes to answer it, tucking the bottom of his shirt into his dress pants.

Opening the door, Diane gasps, &

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