Chapter 2216 Beto Won’t Die Now

At Crystal Blue, Patrick continues to work and serves Alan and Reuben grilled salmon.

“Reuben, the next time you embarrass me like that, I’ll kick you out of here!” He grunts.

Reuben shrugs, “You’re the one who decided to resort to inelegant vocabulary.”

Alan looks at Reuben’s plate, “Pat, did you put rat poison in Reuben’s salmon?”

“We don’t have rat poison because we don’t have rats here.” Patrick lifts his chin, “We are a restaurant that values cleanliness and quality of food.”

“OK,” Reuben doesn’t care and starts slicing the salmon with his fork.

Alan shakes his head and smiles slightly. He can’t bring himself to stay angry with Reuben and turns to Patrick, passing some bills, “Here, tip for the waiter. And we are very sorry that you’re still upset about what happened last year.”

“I recent

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