Chapter 2221 Reuben Has a Girlfriend


A slap on Gabriela’s part is delivered with pleasure in the face of Vernon, her ‘father-in-law’.

“You imbecile!” Gabriela yells, “What is this? Harassment at work? How dare you ask such a question about me?”

Vernon just massages his sore cheek, looking at Gabriela with coldness and contempt, “If you weren’t an unstable woman, I wouldn’t have asked that kind of question. You always targeted Josias but ended up with João Paulo. Why?”

Gabriela gestures furiously, “I already explained to you: a woman simply CANNOT help being loved by João Paulo, he is too hot to let him get away!”

“But you are letting your daughter slip away!” Vernon yells, “Why doesn’t she still call you ‘Mommy’?”

“Are you a child psychologist?” Gabriela asks dismissively, “Anyway, don’t worry about it. One day, she&

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