Chapter 2234 Listening Behind the Door

Nadia angrily returns to the supermarket, still unhappy that the police don’t want to work on Thierry’s kidnapping. She opens the office with a bang and goes straight to the computer to turn it on.

Thierry accompanies her, “When I saw you, I thought I should help you. You left the mansion early, sis. What was it this time? Oh, thanks for the suit.”

Nadia sits down at her desk, “I thought you’d look good on it and it’s your size. Anyway, I tried to contact that Sergeant Moraes, but he’s on paternity leave.”

“Wait for him to return, then.” Thierry smiles.

“It’s not a matter of him coming back.” Nadia opens a drawer and chooses a CD to play on the CPU, “They don’t want to talk about your kidnapping anymore.”

Thierry breaks his smile, “Ehr... Sis, I suggest you listen to them. Put that aside.”

Nadia is displeased, “But... You t

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