Chapter 2240 Unexpected Vacation

At Crystal Blue, Maggie enters the restaurant and goes straight to the bar.

“Diane, make me a martini on the rocks, please!”

Diane turns to her sister-in-law, “And may I know why you are so desperate?”

“The usual: problems involving Gabriela.”

Diane fixes the drink, frowning, “Did you get back in touch with that whore?”

Maggie sighs, “She called my desk instead of my cell phone. She’s pretty smart, isn’t she? Anyway, I listened to her despair and thought maybe she wanted to vent her sins. MAYBE she wanted to repent and make things right. So I decided to give it a try.”

“Why did you think Gabriela MAYBE regret it?” Diane passes her the drink.

“Because yesterday, Bernie heard João Paulo announce to Josias that he was going to ask for a divorce.” Maggie takes the glass and takes a few sips while Diane gapes in awe.


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