The Ex-Husband's Revenge

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The Ex-Husband's Revenge

By: Isabelle Piper OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Fired in his work, Eduard would take any job available for him. One night while working as a part time waiter, he didn't expect to witness the engagement of his wife, Isabella, to another man. Betrayal and self pity mixed inside him. Eduard wandered down the street heading to nowhere. Just at the time that he was desperate and felt that his world crashed right in front of him, a car stopped. Fate took an unexpected turn when he saw his father's butler asking him to come back to take over his father's position. Now, he would no longer be called beggar, trash or stupid. He would be the CEO of a multibillionaire company. Could he really be able to reclaim the dignity that was taken away from him?

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26 chapters
Chapter 1
Edward was going around the crowded hall with a tray in his hand that was filled with drinks. It was just another busy night for a waiter like him. He tried to stay focused on what he was doing as he just lost his job and he couldn’t afford to lose that either. “What the f*ck!” One of the well-dressed guests screamed as she angrily looked at Edward. Unfortunately, he accidentally tripped over a chair and spilled a glass of red wine onto the dress of the guest. “I am so—” But before he could finish apologizing, a sound of a slap resounded in his ears. “Stupid!” The woman said her eyes squinted. “Do you know how much this dress cost? Even if you work all your life you cannot afford to pay this!” The woman’s hand landed in his other cheek again. Edward felt his both cheeks were burning. He was so shocked that he couldn’t move from where he was standing. “Why are they hiring such incapable employees like you? Where is your supervisor?” The woman ignored his apologies. It was as if
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Chapter 2
“Again!” Edward’s supervisor rushed to him as soon as he heard the shattering sound of the wine glasses that fell from his tray. “What are you trying to do? How can you be so careless?” “I am so sorry,” his supervisor apologized to the guests. Everyone was looking at him while his supervisor continued to curse at him. “How could you do this to me? How could you betray me, Isabella after all the things that I have done for you?” Edward thought to himself. He wanted to speak but he didn’t find the strength. “Don’t let it happen again,” Donovan said coldly as he looked at them. “Tha—” “Enough, Edward. You are fired! Get out of my sight,” his supervisor said in anger. “I can’t believe you have ruined our event twice in a row!” But Edward didn’t move from where he was. “That woman!” He shouted but before he could even finish his words the guards came in. “That’s enough! Get out that man here!” “Hey! Stop making a scene!” “Let me go!” Edward mumbled behind the hand that was cover
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Chapter 3
Eduard couldn’t stand up straight after the kick and punches that he received.Was that how a poor man like him would need to endure in life? He never stepped on anyone for him to suffer like that.Eduard was walking on the street without knowing where to go. He felt he lost his purpose in life after he saw his wife with someone else.He was about to cross the street when all of a sudden, a white car stopped in front of him.“Eduard,” a man went out of the car and called his name.His eyebrows furrowed as he looked at him.“Butler Nathan!” He shouted. “What are you doing here?”“What happened to you?” The butler asked as he looked at him with scratch and wound all over his face.He shook his head and forced a smile.“It’s just a misunderstanding,” he simply said. “Where are you heading?”“I am really looking for you, Eduard. Get inside the car,” the butler ordered.Even if he was hesitating, Eduard got inside the car.“What do you want?”“I know that it has been years since the last t
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Chapter 4
Eduard was standing in the middle of the office of the CEO. In the middle of the room were framed achievements of Edgar George.He never thought that that day would come that he would enter that place.The middle-aged man with a stern expression was looking at him while he was sitting at the executive desk. He aged for the years that he hadn’t seen him. He looked slightly thin. He looked pale and probably because of the sickness that the butler mentioned.“How have you been?” Edgar asked.Eduard looked at the man in front of him. His heart was racing so fast. “D— Dad,” Eduard called his father’s name with longing and concern. “How are you?”Eduard was nervous. He wanted to come near him and hug him but he held himself.“What happened?”“I do not want to go over the details anymore, Eduard but just like what Butler Nathan said, you can come back,” he said. “Just let me know if you’d like to or not so I know what I should be doing.”“What are you doing here?” A woman’s voice was heard
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Chapter 5
“What did you just say?” Donovan’s eyebrows were knitted together. He couldn’t hide the anger he suddenly felt after hearing what Sarah said.“You heard it right, sir,” Sarah, his personal assistant, confirmed. “I didn’t know that the shares of Mr. Nixon and Mr. Rey were sold to one person.”“How can you not know it? How did it happen that they were selling their shares and we didn’t have any idea?”Sarah went silent. She bowed her head as she really had no idea that those two stakeholders were going to sell their shares.“I’m sorry, sir.”“Whatever, Sarah. How can you be so incompetent?” Donovan asked and then shook his head. “Go and set up an appointment with this person and I will buy back the shares. I can’t believe that you have allowed this to happen.”“Okay, sir,” Sarah answered.“Leave. Get the soonest appointment available.”Sarah nodded and then turned around to leave the room.“What happened?” Isabella entered the room without knocking.If it was a different person, he coul
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Chapter 6
“Donovan, let’s get inside. Remember you are not here for him,” Isabella reminded him.“Alright, just see you tonight, asshole,” Donovan said and then they opened the door of the CEO’s office.Eduard rolled his fist in anger because of how the two acted, especially Donovan. That man was really so proud of himself.After the two got inside the office, Eduard took his phone and called his manager.“Hello,” the manager greeted him on the other line. “Mr. Smith is here inside your office and waiting for you, Sir.”Eduard smirked. “Let them wait for me,” he said and then walked away from his office. He went to the lift while thinking about where he was going.He first went to the restaurant downstairs to get a cup of coffee.He never thought that he would meet Donovan soon. Probably, because of the amount of the shares he had in his company, the man was a bit bothered.He was still sipping his coffee when he received a call from his personal assistant.“Sir, Mr. Donovan is already asking
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Chapter 7
“What else are you waiting for?”“I am so sorry, Sir,” the guard apologized to Eduard when he recovered from shock. “I really didn’t know that you are the CEO’s son.”“It’s okay. I know that you are just doing your job but please next time, don’t be judgemental. Try not to look down to anyone that you are going to meet along the way,” Eduard said meaningfully to the guard.The guard bowed his head. He couldn’t meet Eduard’s eyes because of embarrassment.“Yes, sir. Again, I am so sorry for how I have acted earlier,” he said in a low voice.“It’s alright,” Eduard said and then he entered the penthouse with Ryan.“Sir, Donovan Smith and his girlfriend have already left. They were really pissed off. I overheard them saying who do you think you are to make them wait for a couple of hours,” Ryan reported as soon as they got inside the penthouse.“Don’t mind them. I do not have any spare time to talk to those kinds of people. Besides, no matter what he will be saying, there’s no way that I
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Chapter 8
“Alright, sir. Do you need anything else before I leave?”“No, I am good. But just make sure your line is open just in case that I will have any request to make while I am at the party.”“Okay, sir. No worries. I will just be one call away.”“Thanks for that.” Then, Eduard averted his gaze to Abby. “Shall we go?”Abby nodded and smiled timidly at him.He gestured his arm to her so she would wrap her arms around but he saw that the woman hesitated.Eduard grabbed her arm and put it around his arms.“You will be my female companion tonight. Feel confident and comfortable. You are beautiful,” he said as he gave her a compliment.“Thank you,” Abby said and her cheek blushed because of what Eduard said.Just after a couple of minutes, Eduard and Abby were already in front of the restaurant where Eduard would meet Donovan and Isabella.When they were already at the entrance, Eduard heard a sound of laughter.He looked at the direction where it came from and he saw a group of people with Don
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Chapter 9
“Car race,” Isabella said and smiled sarcastically.“What? A car racing challenge! But how can he challenge Donovan? He didn’t even have a car!”Donovan mockingly spoke.“Don’t be so hard on the man, Isabella. He might be wearing an expensive suit but where on earth would he borrow a car on such short notice?” One of the men said.“Yeah, do you think you can just come here and accept my challenge? So, what are you planning to do now? How are you going to fight me?” Donovan said as he shook his head. “Think before you act, loser!”Donovan leaned towards Isabella and kissed her. It was as if he was taunting Eduard. But Eduard remained calm and unaffected.Abby looked at Eduard as if she wanted to say something but Eduard stopped her using his eyes. He would just show the arrogant Donovan what he was looking for.He was wrong to underestimate him.“I accept the challenge,” Eduard simply answered.“If you lose then, I am going to kiss your girlfriend—”“And if you lose, you will kiss the
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Chapter 10
Donovan was skeptical when he saw the Rolls Royce in front of him.Isabella was just standing beside him in shock while looking at the most expensive car she had ever seen. She couldn’t help but wonder how Eduard managed to get the car.“How did you get this car? Did you bury yourself in debt just to pay for the rent of this car and that woman? Did you agree to be forever a slave of someone?” Donovan asked one after the other. “I didn’t know that you would really go up to this extent just to impress us.”“Impress you? I think you are getting it wrong,” Eduard said. “You always have something to say but this is not a rental car like what you think,” he added.“So, did you beg someone rich to borrow this one?” Isabella exclaimed.“Hey, what are you talking about?” Abby couldn’t help but interrupt. “I don’t think you know what you are talking about.”“I am not talking to you. You better stay out of this, woman,” Isabella said and sharply glared at her.“Let her be. I can’t imagine how th
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