Chapter 2246 High-Quality Preparations

At Octavio’s house, he and Tiago discuss the problem that still hangs in the air.

Tiago, after long seconds of suspense and with a mysterious smile, decides to answer, “No, our master doesn’t know yet.”

“Phew, that’s good...”

“But it’s not for lack of opportunity!” Tiago raises his index finger, “Octavio, stop the delay and tell Josias today. I cannot admit that someone who benefits from our master’s protection would dare to do such things.”

Octavio shrugs, “Tiago, the more time I spend with my son, the more I suspect that everything Daryl told me is nothing more than a bruised ego. Seriously speaking: what could he do to hurt me?”

“Millions of things.” Tiago lists with his fingers, “He can hire henchmen to beat you, rape Jane, kidnap Augusto, or arrange for Josias to fire you as Chief Architect... Hell is the limit.”


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