Chapter 2245 Fifty Years

The next day, Tiago and Carmen visit Octavio to find out the news. Octavio is teaching Augusto to eat with a spoon.

“That’s it, son, hold tight... come on, come on...”

Augusto misses the aim and drops food on his apron, but he laughs with cuteness.

“You think it’s fun, huh?” Octavio pretends to be angry.

How not to love this precious son?

The bell rings and he goes to answer, “Wait a minute, champ.”

Augusto didn’t wait and started to touch the food with his little fingers.

The living room radio was playing Phil Collins’s song “Can’t Stop Loving You.” Octavio answers the door for the Bento couple.

“Hello, Father of the Year!” Tiago declares, “We’ve come to visit the twice-born baby!”

“Huh?” Octavio doesn’t know what to say.

Carmen locates him, “We didn’t go to the hospital, but w

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