Chapter 2249 Josias Teaches Alan a Lesson

“What?” Teresa is shocked, “Aren’t we going to have dinner? No power in the restaurant? What happened, Pat?”

“I don’t know! All I know is that I spun in my heels like Michael Jackson and came back. I’m going to watch a basketball game and go to bed early, he, he—”

Wallace retorts, “Pat, you were invited! But you were out until now?”

Patrick mockingly states, “Oops! I didn’t even mean to tell you, but since that’s the case: I don’t want to go to dinner anymore. Happy birthday, Beto!”

Vera tries to scold him, “Don’t be rude, Pat—” Patrick has already gone upstairs, “Pat? PATRICK NOGUEIRA, GET BACK HERE!”

Beto scratches his chin, “How strange, it looks like he’s having fun at our expense! Has anyone out there offended him in any way?”

Pedro promptly responds, “I didn’t do anythin

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