Chapter 2250 An Accident Becomes a War

In the Mountain Penthouse, Daryl balled up the LCN newspaper and threw it over the balcony with uncontained fury.

“CURSE!” He exclaims fiercely, “How dare she? How did this information reach the newspapers so quickly?”

Diane and Felipe approach him.

“Father, don’t be angry.” Felipe asks, “According to what I’m learning in Informatics, the Internet makes news circulate quickly. A mouse click is enough, and information is forwarded to dozens or hundreds of contacts!”

“How horrible.” Daryl sits in the armchair, sinking his hands on his head, “It was with this modernity that Gabriela was photographed acting as Josias’s girlfriend. She is now taking revenge for writing that demeaning article.”

Felipe widens his eyes, “Father, were you or Mother responsible for those photos?”

“No, son, we swear we don’t!” Diane exclaims, “W

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