Chapter 2251 Access Denied

At the entrance to LCN, there is general laughter from all employees passing by to enter the company and face another day at work. Those who were discouraged started to have extra energy with the embarrassment that Gabriela was going through.

Unsatisfied, Gabriela tried twice more, but her badge didn’t release the access roulette. And on the monitor...


The receptionist, after wiping away tears of laughter, gets up from the counter and approaches her, “Miss Alves, haven’t you noticed that your access is restricted?”

“BUT WHY?” Gabriela yells, “I didn’t get fired! Why won’t they let me in, what happened?”

“We’re only following orders.” The receptionist responds with contempt, looking Gabriela up and down, “Get out of the way as other employees have to come through.”

Gabriela leaves the queue and watches the other employees pass by calmly

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