Chapter 2269 Make the Right Choice
João Paulo and Gabriela go down the stairs of the Family Court, each one beside their lawyer, after the conciliatory hearing.

Behind them, Gabriela ventures to ask, “João Paulo, wait! Is it true that you are leaving Maggiezine?”

João Paulo stops going down and waits for Gabriela to catch up with him, “Who told you?”

“I still keep in touch with some friends from Marçal Publishing,” Gabriela responds with a slight smile.

“I’ll probably leave the company, not just the magazine.” João Paulo responds neutrally, “Josias wants me to go to LCN to take your place.”

“Oh, how interesting,” Gabriela just says that, and walks past him, down the stairs with her lawyer.

Not far away, a famous limousine was waiting for Gabriela to appear on the sidewalk. The vehicle’s radio was playing “En el Muelle de Sán Blás”, by Maná.

When Gabriela said goodbye to her lawyer, Josias said to Hector, “Go closer to her.”

Hector started the engine and approached Gabriela in first gear. She noticed the limousin
Anderson José

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