The Supreme Boss In Disguise

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The Supreme Boss In Disguise

By: Elle Munoz CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Raymond Winston is the abandoned son of the Winston family, after surviving ten years away from home. With news that he has just one more year before he dies of an incurable sickness, Raymond is forced to marry into the Brooks family as a live-in- son-in-law and is despised even more there. Determined to get revenge on all of the people that had harmed him, Raymond keeps his identity hidden until the right time. Who would have imagined that the weak and dying son-in-law is the supreme boss that has all the rich family eager to meet and please?

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  • xman


    On chapter 5. The FL n ML characters are quite mysterious. Was Julia a reborn? Did she possess some superpower? This will be something new. Most FLs in son in law stories were all pictured as trophy wife.

    2023-11-02 10:45:16
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188 chapters
Chapter 1: A Surprise Guest
Winston Family,Today was the sixtieth birthday ceremony of the head of the family and the family had done all they could to have important dignitaries invited to the family.Raymond Winston, on the other hand, who had just arrived at the front of the magnificent building, looked nothing like someone that was here to attend a birthday party.Dressed in a casual shirt and pants, which made his originally dashing appearance toned down, he looked nothing like all the other guests that had entered previously.It would be hard to accept if someone pointed out that he was the actual first son of the Winston family"Who are you?" One of the guards asked him as his eyes flashed with disdain."I'm here for my father's birthday party." He replied coldly. His facial expression had no changes and was full of disregard for the guards."Pffftt." One of the guards barked in laughter, unable to resist anymore, while the other two guards looked at each other and scoffed as they gave Raymond a look fro
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Chapter 2: Where am I?
Chaos filled the hall as most of the servants rushed and helped him."Get the doctors from Hades Hospital," John yelled out.Although he was dissatisfied with his incompetent son, John couldn't leave him in the lurch in front of everyone and announced that he was getting the doctors from the best hospital in their city."Has he been overworked?" One of the young sons of the other families asked, wondering why a man that looked that healthy and solid would suddenly fall just like that.Just as the chaos was about to reach its peak, the first daughter of the Brooks family, Stella, entered the hall. Almost as if an Angel had passed, everyone became quiet, partly due to the power they knew she commanded and her looks.It was rumoured that Brooks's family genes were good and today, the guests here were allowed to see just how good it was. Stella was like some goddess that had stepped to earth.Clad in a pure white floor-length gown that had her curves on full display with her hair let down
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Chapter 3: Little Time Left
"Since he has only that little life left, make him useful and use him to build some solid connections for us. After all, he had taken the appearance of that vixen." Grandma Winston said with a tut as she looked at the young man that sat with his head down looking at her.No matter how one looked at it, he looked very healthy and imposing, yet, after the family doctor had run a check on him, he had announced that he had only one year left to live at most.They had been unable to believe it and had their family doctor come over to run some other checks, and the results had been even worse than the original one that he was given."Father, grandmother is right. Since elder brother is so sick, it's better to give him off to someone that could help the family company in this situation," Luke said, looking at Raymond with a scheming glint.Since they were young, his older brother had taken all the limelight from him and even made him, who had originally thought he was the legitimate son, bec
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Chapter 4: The Wedding
"You only know how to come now?" John barked as he saw Raymond striding in like he did not have the whole room waiting for him.When he entered, Stella, who had never seen Raymond before, was shocked by his appearance and aura. However, she had done her investigation and was even informed that he was sick just yesterday, which meant that her sister would become a widow in at most two years.Nothing could beat this kind of deal."I had to eat and take my medications, and since there's no housekeeper, I had to make the meal myself." He replied simply.Although it was just two sentences, the face of the Brooks family changed while a girl that looked nothing more than eighteen finally looked up at him.Her eyes flashed with appreciation as she looked at his beautiful appearance. Even without any effort, Raymond had a face that was bordering on beauty.Julia, the second daughter of the Brooks family who was supposed to get married to Raymond, frowned slightly as she looked at him for a lit
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Chapter 5: The Dreams You Created
Since it was unlike a normal wedding, Raymond promised he would come and pick Julia up in the evening. Without waiting for his family, he entered the old Audi that he had driven there and left.Julia's eyes stayed glued to the car until it could no longer be seen while Stella rushed up to her. "Julia, are you happy now? You have finally married the man of your dreams!" She said excitedly."When it's your wedding night this evening, I'm sure that you both would even experience more bonding between one another," this time, her voice was reduced to a low whisper while her face flushed red as she imagined Raymond and Julia together.While Raymond might not have any strong points, his physique was perfect, and even Stella, who had seen her fair share of top heirs and handsome men, still had to admit that a man like him was a rare catch. Unfortunately….Although she had no idea why Julia, that was usually quick to speak and easy to read, now had a blank face, the important thing was, she ha
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Chapter 6: Distant Neighbors
The car ride back to Raymond's house was quiet. Although Julia had not acted like a typical young heiress, he was certain she couldn't endure his house, yet Raymond had no intention of changing houses. After all, he would be ruining his plans by doing that.So when they got to his house, and he opened the door, he turned to her, "The house is clean, but since the marriage was on such short notice, I would only try to do some renovations tomorrow," he explained politely.Julia nodded in understanding, "I'm going to be in school often. You don't have to change things around here,"Raymond stared down at the expressionless woman right in front of him. She was totally different from the girl in his research. Could she be pretending or something? Raymond disputed the thought and stared back at Julia, whose eyes were roaming around the small old house."Let me just show you to your room”, He added.Julia nodded lightly.Raymond took her box and led the way.She reluctantly followed him. Ra
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Chapter 7: A Savior?
Julia had gone back to bed last night, leaving Raymond to his thoughts.As for Raymond, he felt like he had married a different woman entirely. Just who had influenced the news that his men had gathered? From what he remembered, Julia had demanded that she wanted to marry him after hearing about his good looks. But now she had demanded for a divorce?His lips curled up as he felt like his living conditions had made her change her mind.On the other hand, he was also worried about how she was able to revive him after he collapsed. She seemed confident about him being curable. Did she know the nature of his sickness, or was she just bluffing? After all, this was something that the medical specialists were not capable of doing for years. Seeing a nineteen years old lady confidently saying she could do it made him begin to wonder if she was serious or perhaps his life was some kind of joke to her.After using his meds, he was able to get some sleep, and he woke up to make breakfast for bo
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Chapter 8: A Gift
The Brooks family made sure they invited all their business associates and the top men in society to grace the special day of their daughter. They made sure no one was left out. Those who gave excuses for their absence were also in attendance. They had convinced them until they gave in to their request. Everything was set for the party, but the couples were yet to arrive. It wasn't a cause for alarm for the family because they felt, the couples were preparing to arrive in a grand style. Stella had wanted to get Julian's dress, but her mother asked her to discard the idea, saying Julian would sort herself. The grand hall which was family and rented was gradually getting filled with the invited guests. Soft music rented the air as the invitees chatted over a glass of wine as they awaited the couples. Meanwhile, back at Raymond's apartment, Julian stood across the room with her gaze fixed on him. He was wearing a simple wine shirt and well-tailored black pants to go wit
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Chapter 9: A Friendly Pat
When Julian excused herself, Raymond decided to stretch his legs, which were aching because he had been sitting for too long. He had nowhere in mind to go, so he decided to take a tour around the hall. He had barely walked for a minute when Stella walked up to him with the gift box. “I see you liked your present,” he said offhandedly and she nodded. “I appreciate your effort to impress your in-laws” she replied. Raymond bit his lips as he nodded slowly. If only Stella had known who he was really, she wouldn't have said that to him. “I'm glad I was able to do that,” he said as he beckoned to a waiter who was nearby. He picked up two glasses, then handed one to Stella, which she accepted. “Thank you,” she said with a smile before taking a sip of the wine. They remained in their positions without a word to each other. After a while, Stella smacked her lips to get Raymond's attention. She didn't start speaking until he had his gaze fixed on her. “Tell me, how did you
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Chapter 10: A Break
By the time they returned home, it was already late. Julia tossed Raymond's jacket on the couch, then walked across the room. Raymond considered it rude, but he didn't say a word concerning it, instead, he asked. “You're hungry?” “Yes, but I don't eat late” she replied nonchalantly then resumed her walk. After picking up his jacket, he made his way toward the kitchen. With all the ingredients in place, he was able to get a nice dinner, which he ate with relish. After washing up, he picked up his phone, which was lying across the table. He watched the video several times before tossing his phone aside again. He was convinced that the woman had a grudge against Julia, that's why she did what she did. Several seconds later, he was out of the kitchen and was heading to his room to retire for the night. Meanwhile, Julia lay on her bed as she stared at the ceiling. She was running through the event of her engagement party in her head. If not for the midwife who decided t
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