Chapter 2270 I’ll Get My Wife Back

João Paulo enters the apartment. Elza and Vernon watch television with Sandra between them on the sofa. She is having fun with her grandparents.

When they see their son arrive, their interest is immediate.

“Son! Tell us how it did?” Vernon asks him anxiously.

João Paulo sits in the armchair, “Gabriela accepted my conditions.”

Elza applauds, “So she will agree to give you full custody of Sandra? We need to celebrate this fact!”

“At Campos Pizzeria?” João Paulo asks playfully.

“It could be.” Vernon accepts, “We have nothing to hide.”

Vernon had alluded to the photographs taken of Gabriela and Josias.

“It was very kind of Josias not to be upset about the faked DNA test.” Elza reminds the men, “But for God’s sake, people, let’s not repeat this shamelessness. I’m not married to any forger. And I didn’t raise a son to go around bribing people.”

“Mother, Dr. Antenor was mired in debt.” John Paul tries to justify himself, “It wasn’t like he was forced to do it.”

“But he tricked you.
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