Chapter 2279 My Father Rules the City!

The next day, Josias is having breakfast with Alan.

“Dad, I was elected the valedictorian of my high school graduation. Would I be able to deliver a good speech? I’m gonna ask Hector to write something nice for me.”

Josias chokes on the latte he was drinking, “Cough, cough! What is it, son? No, don’t order any of that! Sit down at my desk and put your gray matter to work!”

Alan is fearful, “I wouldn’t know how to tell my colleagues. Obviously, Principal Fernandez expects me to give a speech like the President of the Republic because I’m your son.”

Josias smiles and strokes his head, “First you write, and then you pass the outline to me. I’ll help you with the details, but the central idea has to come from your head. Say what you hope for the future and motivate your colleagues to succeed in life.”

“Would it be the same thing?” Alan wonders, “I’ll g

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