Chapter 2298 Daryl and Josias Argue One More Time

At the Rocha Mansion, Josias looked spectacular in black Speedos and sunbathing in the Sunset Village sun. Alan practiced strokes in the pool. Reuben, Pedro, and Henrique were with him, frolicking around.

“Go, Alan! So you win the next Olympics!” Reuben screams.

“Help Brazil win more medals in 2004!” Pedro laughs.

Alan stops his strokes and takes off his swimming goggles, “You nags! Aren’t you satisfied with the Brazilian team having become the five-time champion?”

“YES!” All the boys vibrate. They’re lovers of the national sport.

Hector appears and smiles as he sees the youth having fun. He has a silver tray in his hand with a cell phone vibrating.

“Mr. Rocha, someone is calling you.”

Josias smiles slightly, “It must be Everaldo. Time for my blessing.”

Josias sits on the deckchair and answers the cell phone, but he gets the creeps when he sees Daryl’s number on the caller ID.

“Hello, Daryl? What do you want now?”

In Crystal Blue, Daryl is in his office frowning and standing.

“Jeez, y
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