Apocalypse System: How To Destroy My Resources?

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Apocalypse System: How To Destroy My Resources?

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Menphis Jackman was a meager wage worker, humbly enduring and compromising for mere money, renowned for his uselessness. He was both penniless and heavily indebted, only to be oppressed and looked down upon by others. But then one day, a large skull appeared in the town, with zombies everywhere, danger and death ominously surrounding him, and suddenly the harsh sound of machinery echoed in Menphis’s mind. It was no different from the RPG system he had once known. It gave him strength, abilities, and resources, a lot of resources, very, very many resources. To the point where he had to think: ‘How to destroy my resources?’

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    Really nice story. I love it Is it an exclusive novel?

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Chapter 1: Boss Causing Pressured. Being Demanded Debt.
Company Diamond Valley."You fool, you worthless scum, don't you know how to act like a decent human being?"Memphis Jackman stood in front of the director's desk, his head bowed, eyes fixed on his shoes, silently enduring the stream of vulgar curses. If it weren't for the 3000 USD monthly salary, he would have long since stormed up and kicked that idiotic fat man.His director, Lionel Hester, was a hybrid between a hippopotamus and a wild boar. Clearly, Diamond Valley was a scam company, yet he demanded that Memphis Jackman do upright and legitimate work.Like a brothel forcing its prostitutes to build a temple for chastity.Of course, Memphis could do it, but the righteous tasks he performed were just to cover up for the other idiots in the company, allowing them to reap the benefits.If those idiots were also only getting 3000 USD like Memphis, he wouldn't have cared. But they were getting 10,000 USD. Wasn't this a blatant exploitation of him? Clearly, their skills were equal, so w
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Chapter 2: Deadly Game, Zombie Invasion!
At that moment, the sky outside the window suddenly darkened, and a storm, along with thunder, erupted, causing the windows to shake. Memphis was first stunned, then, feeling a premonition, looked up at the sky.There, a gigantic skull had appeared from nowhere. The skull, surrounded by swirling black clouds and lightning, seemed to stretch from a distant void, taking up half the sky.Memphis's face froze in terror. What... what the hell was that?Before he could think further, the skull opened its enormous mouth and spoke in a booming voice that seemed to pierce through his eardrums:"Lowly ants, your days of leisure are over. From today, I will make you taste my wrath. Get ready to face my fury, join my game, and make me pleased, ha ha ha ha..."As soon as the skull finished speaking, countless beams of light shot out from its eye sockets, entering the atmosphere from different angles. Memphis's eyes widened as he watched one beam head straight for him, hitting the top of his head w
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Chapter 3: Everywhere Is Zombie And The System Of Attributes.
Click!He locked the main door.No matter what, in an unclear situation outside, preventing other creatures from entering was the first action to take.After locking the door, he hurriedly ran back inside. Passing by the water cooler, he conveniently smashed the lock on the first aid box above with the bat, reaching in to grab all the medicine inside."Kheeze... Help me... Kheeze..."When he returned to Jonny's side, his poor colleague was already delirious, his eyes cloudy, his skin dark and bruised, thick, dark red mucus dripping from the corners of his mouth.Memphis clenched his hand tightly, his eyes reddening.In less than 30 seconds from being bitten, Jonny had nearly lost consciousness, perhaps only standing through sheer will to survive despite his body's transformation."Jonny, Jonny, you have to stay awake, your dad is waiting! Uncle Gaspar is waiting for you at home!"Jonny seemed to hear Memphis's voice, hearing the name Gaspar Byrne, his father, a miserable widower. He s
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Chapter 4: Principle Of Increasing Points.
Sure enough, after adding potential points, the highest limit of the attributes increased. It seems he needs to train to bring his stats to the highest level.Also, how does he use the skill points, and what about the newly appeared Bright? 5 Bright should equal 5 zombie corpses, right?Well, let's see how it goes. He just killed 5 zombies and gained 5 exp, enough to level up. So, each zombie gives 1 exp, meaning to reach level 3, he needs to kill 20 zombies..."Ding. Congratulations to the host for successfully surviving the initial phase and leveling up.""The system offers rewards. Please choose one of the following: First, instantly increase the current level by one, the reward cannot be saved for later use. Second, receive a random skill book ranging from tier one to tier three. Third, receive a random piece of equipment ranging from tier one to tier three."As Memphis was deep in thought, the mechanical voice startled him with a mix of surprise and joy, along with significant in
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Chapter 5: The More Skills, The Better
Feeling a bit sentimental, Memphis pulled out his backpack and stuffed all the found items inside. After some thought, he searched through 5 of his colleagues' wallets, hoping to have something to hand over if he met their families.He also took Hughie's coat, a long and thick one, perfect for protection.Using Miley Cramer's skirt to wrap his hand and Jonny Byrne's remaining cap, Memphis finally covered himself completely.He looked around the office one last time, seeing the rotting corpses of his comrades, quietly mumbling:"Sorry... I will avenge you all..."He turned towards the door, a determined plan forming in his mind.But first, he had to escape this building.Memphis's office was located at the end of the hallway on the third floor of the building. To reach the staircase on the other side, he had to pass by the secretary's office, the director's office, the second office, and then the separate security room along the hallway, before finally reaching the emergency exit stair
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Chapter 6: Confronting Two-Meter-Tall Zombies!
Looking at the attribute table, Memphis understood a bit more. It turned out his experience gained was proportional to the monster's level. So, the stronger the zombie he killed, the greater the benefits, and there was a chance of loot drops!The breakthrough point increased to 11%, but he still didn't know its use.Taking a deep breath, Memphis cautiously stepped forward, his eyes constantly scanning for information on zombies, ready to respond quickly.Next to his office was the secretary's room. Holding the bat in one hand, Memphis carefully turned the lock with the other. He wanted to see if Amanda was still human or had turned into a zombie.If she is human, Memphis thought, he would try to investigate her situation a bit. If she is a zombie, he wouldn't mind giving her a whack to gain some experience points.Click, click...Click, click, click...The door suddenly opened, and Memphis's body tensed into a defensive stance. However, after observing, there was no one inside. Maybe
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Chapter 7: Agreement
He reached for the card but didn't examine it immediately, instead swinging his bat again to brutally smash the head of the dumb level 1 zombie still hissing in a daze.With that, the fight ended, and he couldn't help but exhale. Good, he had only spent 2 stamina points and gained 11 experience. Including before, his experience bar was now 15/20.Memphis turned to look at Lionel and Amanda, who still bore expressions of fear and bewilderment, and calmly said:"Chairman Hester, I want to resign."In the blood-soaked room, the atmosphere suddenly fell silent.This was something Memphis had wanted to say for years.Lionel, who initially intended to praise Memphis out of habit, was taken aback when he heard this, his mouth twitching. He suppressed his anger and quickly put on a sincere smile:"Memphis, you saved our lives, whatever you say goes. Isn't that right, Amanda?"Lionel, being the director of a scam company, was extremely cunning and shameless. In that brief moment, he had though
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Chapter 8: Zombies Level Up Quickly!
After reaching a mutual understanding, Memphis immediately said:"Prepare yourselves, gather all the food and drinks, and wear more clothes to protect yourselves. As for other useless things, I suggest not taking them."To Memphis, things like money or gold were relatively useless at the moment and would only add weight.Lionel and Amanda both nodded, hesitantly agreeing. They first checked their phones, feeling even more anxious when they saw the signal bars were dead.Ignoring them as they packed, Memphis moved towards the door, peeking through the peephole.It was impossible to see inside from the outside, but from the inside, he could easily see out.Outside, there were indeed zombies attracted to the noise. Moreover, there were more than one."Infectious form level 1, can turn living beings into the same kind.""Infectious form level 2, can turn living beings into the same kind."Relying on his scouting vision, Memphis confirmed that the two zombies were relatively normal. They w
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Chapter 9: Searching For Guns And Trucks.
Bang! Bang! Bang!The door shook continuously, then with a crack, it burst open, the lock unable to withstand the zombie's monstrous strength.A tall zombie with a rotten, slimy face stepped out of the room."Aaah... Mmm mmm..."Amanda couldn't help but scream in horror, immediately being silenced by Lionel beside her.Though Lionel was equally terrified, he feared attracting more zombies even more.This tall zombie seemed to be Devlin Leyton, Kieron Leyton's brother. It hissed threateningly, its heavy footsteps moving towards Memphis and the others."Its speed isn't too high, but its monstrous strength is immense!"Memphis quickly assessed the situation. As the zombie's claw came down, he used his superior speed to dodge, gripping the machete and slashing upwards, striking its arm joint.Crack!The zombie's claw was severed on the spot.The zombie didn't feel any pain and swung its remaining hand towards Memphis's head. He quickly crouched, rolled through its legs, and moved behind i
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Chapter 10: Danger Imminent!
Having made their decision, the three of them lined up and left, heading straight for the stairwell. Memphis took the lead, Amanda in the middle, and the portly Lionel brought up the rear, his hand trembling as he gripped the baseball bat.Kheeze… Kheeze…At the staircase landing between the 3rd and 2nd floors, two zombies were kneeling, gnawing on a body. Hearing the footsteps of the three people coming down, one of them immediately turned its head and then crawled over."Infectious form level 2, can turn living beings into the same kind.""Infectious form level 2, can turn living beings into the same kind."Just two level 2 zombies. Memphis swung his sword, shattering the skull of the crawling zombie, then casually chopped off the head of the other one still engrossed in eating.His experience points had risen to 12/40.He turned to Lionel and Amanda:"If you have the courage to face them, you can gain greater power. These zombies are disgusting and dangerous, but they're also relat
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