Chapter 2300 Everaldo Explains the Prophecy

William, not caring about Daryl, butts into the conversation.

“None of that, Rodrigo, let’s be pragmatic! Daryl is reaping what he sowed. Why did your cousin get into where he didn’t belong? Why did he fall into Katherine’s trap, spreading the word that Josias was going to dethrone Alan? Why did he get into a fight with Octavio, almost getting barred from Jack and Veronica’s wedding? Why did he enlist Gabriela Alves, an inexperienced journalist, to try to be the next Mrs. Rock when Josias didn’t even know her?”

Everaldo listened to all of William’s questions as if he didn’t know about it.

The ambulance pulled up and parked on the sidewalk. Paramedics quickly appeared.

“Excuse me, guys! Do not crowd on top of the patient, he needs to breathe.”

“I hope no one has moved him.”

“Just to check the pulses.” Rodrigo admits, “He’s still alive.”

“OK, let’s take him.” Paramedics perform the procedure.

Rodrigo glares at William, “You never liked Daryl. By the way, you never liked us as a whole! S
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