Chapter 2301 The Long-Awaited Return


Mayor Tobias is, along with the people of Sunset Village and more of today's celebrities, opening the Lagoon City Marina. The place promises to be the point for rich people to have and store their sailboats and yachts.

Josias, as always, is there, wearing sunglasses, a light T-shirt, and knee-length shorts. Not even Tobias dared to wear a suit. The day was especially hot, and around the inauguration, countless bathers in skimpy clothes accompanied the event.

After posing and effusive applause, the Lagoon City Marina was ready to receive the first recreational craft.

Josias approaches Tobias, "Do you realize that with each passing year, Lagoon City is looking more and more like Miami?"

"Thank God for that!" Tobias jokes, "And you know we're growing. With the new residential subdivisions that I approved in the East Zone of the city, we passed 300,000 thousand inhabitants, and I hope to reach the mark of 400,000 when we are in the next decade.

Josias nods admirably, "The Exact Scien
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