Chapter 2307 United Campos

Melissa was walking around the garden, admiring the peonies and azaleas. Alan was beside her, talking about the property.

They stop by the spot where Josias and Katherine’s wedding was held.

“I miss J.J., Mom.” Alan suddenly has a shaky voice, “He wasn’t supposed to die.”

“No, son, it was never the case that he died, not even Kate, however much we hated her.” Melissa apologizes.

Alan shakes his head, “You didn’t hate Kate, Mom. Those are things that Daryl and Kelvin put in your head. Before 1999, you never had any clashes with her. And if it were true that Kate was having an affair with Mr. Guzman, you wouldn’t have participated in this far-fetched plan.”

“Yes, you’re right, I failed that part.” Melissa feels guilty, “That’s why I don’t understand why your father still wants me.”

“I think deep down, the love he feels for you hasn’t died yet.” Alan smiles slightly, “And I feel like I can tell the same for you.”

“Yes, you can say.” Melissa nods.

She turns away and is amazed at what she
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