Chapter 2349 Don’t Repeat My Mistakes

The next day, the sun shone once more on Sunset Village.

However, it was Monday, and the people had to work once more.

Josias had his guests enjoy a hearty breakfast before they left. And they didn’t refuse.

“Wow, I could get used to this.” Elza comments jokingly, “I’m the manager of the Rocha Hotel and my husband is the supervisor of the editorial team at LCN. Vernon, what are we waiting for?”

“The same financial condition as our son.” Vernon comments, making everyone laugh.

Dora turns to Melissa, “See, daughter? This is the life you always deserved.”

“And I’m glad you and Dad weren’t left out. I would never forgive myself.” Melissa comments.

Sitting down at the end of the table, Josias looks away, thinking of something, then suggests, “Hey, I have an idea. Simeon, Dora, have you ever thought of living with us?”

Simeon chokes on his

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