Chapter 2350 Value Your Job

At Crystal Blue, Daryl turns off the radio to talk to Patrick.

“Pat, sit down. We need to talk about something very serious with you.”

“I wonder what it is, sir.” Patrick sits up, feeling himself headed for the slaughter, “I was slandered by your son, as usual.”

Daryl fusses, “See? That’s what I don’t understand. How come you already assumed that our conversation has something to do with Felipe?”

“Has it not, then?” Patrick smiles wryly.

“You don’t seem to appreciate your job.” Daryl shakes his head, “You act as if you could stay in the company humiliating the boss’s son.”

“I didn’t humiliate anyone.” Patrick blatantly lies, “You know it’s always been the other way around. Your son got angry with me and accused me of mistreating him when I had never seen him in my life. To this day, he refuses to explain i

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