Chapter 2351 Lady of Charity

Josias finishes getting dressed to go to work in the master suite. Melissa is combing her hair in front of the dressing table.

“Thank you so much, darling, for sheltering my parents here.” She is grateful when she sees Josias through the mirror’s reflection, “I needed this. Mom no longer works as she used to, taking care of the twins in the penthouse. She never got around to asking Daryl for a cleaning job, so...”

“Here, she won’t work either.” Josias comments good-naturedly, “Before, Melissa, we didn’t have employees on the Rocha Penthouse. Now it’s different. We have Hector and more to help us, so your mother will rest, taking care of the twins while you... What do you want to do now, honey?”

Melissa scratches her chin, narrowing her eyes, “That’s an interesting question, darling.”

“Yes, because I want you to work on something you like.” Josias leans down and kisses her forehead.

Melissa starts to think, “It’s such a shame that ‘Sweet Love’ ended. LCN has another writer and ano
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