Chapter 2355 Who Can Help?
At LCN, Melissa is comfortable in an armchair, waiting for Vernon’s explanation about João Paulo and William.

Vernon, in his clumsy way, starts, “Do you want me to serve you some water, a coffee, a chocolate drink...?”

“Start by saying why your son is fighting with my brother before I get ten years older.” Melissa rolls her eyes.

Vernon chuckles, “If you age ten years, I’ll die.”


“Ok, Ok...” Vernon sits down at his desk, “I need, before I speak, that you can’t say any of this to Josias.”

“What a beautiful way I’m going to restart the relationship with Josias, hiding things from him, as well as Daryl’s far-fetched plan.” Melissa stands up, “Vernon, don’t bother anymore. I can see that it was a bad idea to meddle. If your son and Will are going to start a war, I better not know about it.”

Vernon looks relieved that he doesn’t have to say something to Melissa. He gets up, and leads her out, “I’m terribly sorry I couldn’t satisfy your curiosity—”

“You must take me for a
Anderson José

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