The Rise Of A Secret Heir

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The Rise Of A Secret Heir

By: Debbie chocolate Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Derek was treated like a nobody by everyone around him. He was betrayed by his wife and everyone mocks him. He was forced to live his life as a pauper. Just as the time he thought it was the end for him, he got a call that he was the secret heir to a multimillionaire company.


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Chapter 1: The disgusted son-in-law
The door opened suddenly and Derek walked inside the hall. He hesitated as murmurs filled the air around him. “Isn’t that the live-in son-in-law?” A lady murmured as she looked at Derek. “Yes,” One of them admitted with sarcasm. “It’s really him!” Someone laughed. “He’s as miserable as ever!” Derek released a sigh and eventually walked to an empty seat. A round of applause sounded suddenly as Ethan stood up. Clad in a black tuxedo suit, he was not only tall but handsome. Everyone's attention turned toward him and they soon forgot about Derek. Ethan had a wide smile on his face. "I actually didn't think I was going to make it here today. I had an appointment in Dubai," he announced and everyone nodded briefly. Derek turned away for a moment, with a funny expression on his face. He knew that Ethan was lying. He wasn't in Dubai, in fact, he was in a club till it was midnight. "Hey!" Ethan called softly and gestured at Derek. Derek sighed, a bit frustrated but he rushed forward no
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Chapter 2: A promise
“No!” Derek shouted, unable to stop himself. He looked at Evelyn with contempt. “What about me? I am the husband! Why will you introduce another son-in-law when I’m still married to your granddaughter?” He couldn’t believe what was happening. He had stooped so low for over a year mainly because he wanted Evelyn to accept him fully. How could she be planning something so huge and he didn’t know about it? And the fact that Amelia knew about it but didn’t tell him anything was upsetting. Evelyn sneered. “You aren’t the husband, Derek. You are just a loser. If the old lord of this family insisted that we follow the marriage contract, a man like you would not even be a part of this family. Not in this life or the other!” “Why?” Derek felt even angrier. “Am I not a human being? And I love and care for her so much. What else does a woman want?” Ann, Amelia’s mother moved closer to Derek and hit him across the face. “How dare you speak to grandmother like that?” She yelled at him. Every a
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Chapter 3: Unexpected order
Evelyn scoffed. “Let’s see then,” she muttered and walked away. “What insolent!” Ann was not only shocked but also disappointed. Derek just said the impossibility. How were they supposed to find ten million worth of order within a week. They all knew how poor Derek was. “How could you be incorrigible?” she huffed and hurried after Evelyn with the hope of apologizing to her. Getting Amelia to marry Zayn would help her a lot anyways. She might not have to worry about money for the rest of her lives. Amelia felt a stab of annoyance at what Derek had said. “Why will you say that? Why will you complicate matters?” Her voice was cold and harsh. She felt angrier because Derek had promised to do something that was very impossible. Derek had always been so annoying but she just had the last straw of it. “Amelia, calm down and listen to me,” Derek said softly and tried to hold her hands but Amelia jerked his hands away. “I don’t want you to be bother about it. I will solve the problem,” he as
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Chapter 4: From an important man
Amelia couldn’t contain her happiness. She had never felt so happy since a long time ago. “Are you sure?” she asked, to confirm. Perhaps, her ears were playing tricks on her because it looked surreal. Why would a company want to give her such an order? The funniest thing is that she didn’t even go to any company aside from Acxiom Corporation. And she wondered how they got her private number. Well, that was possible but what about you the stress they went through before they did? She didn't know if it was worth it.“Yes ma’am, we would like for you to come over so we can finalise everything,” the voice confirmed. “Alright, I will be there soon,” she assured and hung up. She screamed in happiness. Zayn that has stopped walking was looking at Amelia with curiosity, and wondering what was making her so overjoyed. He couldn’t help but notice the change in her mood. Amelia sneered at him. “As I said, Zayn, I will never surrender! And you will never bring me down!” she said valiantly and
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Chapter 5: A great turn
Amelia still couldn’t comprehend the reason why the owner of the company would give her a flower. She would have thought that the owner was Zayn, if not for the fact that he didn’t boast about it. And she doubted the fact that Zayn would ever help her if she didn't accept to be his woman. Amelia smelt the flower and a wide smile spread across her face. It doesn’t matter who the owner of Aircastle was, what matters was that she would be able to save her company and she wouldn’t have to marry the disgusting Zayn. .Actually, Derek didn’t leave when Amelia went inside. He instead went into hiding and was watching out for when Amelia would come out. After she left, Derek walked back to the receptionist again. The receptionist recognized him the moment he was moving closer. She felt a stab of annoyance at this. “It looks like you aren’t ready to learn. I’m definitely calling security on you!” she threatened and grabbed the telephone. Derek ignored her and instead made a call to Fred. He
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Chapter 6: A divorce
“Is there something you aren’t telling me?” Sophia shook her head briefly. “Nothing boss. I know nothing but I heard she’s currently not in Orange Park,’” she explained. Derek released a sigh. “Alright, thank you. I have to leave now. I will call you later,” he assured. . Amelia walked inside the living room, with the flower in her hand and a bright smile on her face. She stopped suddenly when she saw Zayn, a bit skeptical. What was he doing there? “What are you doing here?” “Why don’t you tell us?” Ann fired at her. “What audacity do you have to slap Zayn? Why did you decide to make an enemy out of him in this situation that we are currently in!” she yelled. Ethan scoffed. “It looks like she’s in trouble as always. I wonder how our company is going to progress with her around.” Amelia released an exasperated sign and looked at Zayn. “So, you came here to complain about that?” Zayn stood up, with a sly smile on his face. “You know that I could destroy your company because of
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Chapter 7: Manipulation
Ann kept shut immediately and they all looked at Amelia at the same time. Anne took Amelia’s hand quickly. “Are you alright, dear? Do you still wish to get some rest? I mean it’s the normal thing to do. You look tired anyways. You shouldn’t let a fool disturb your beauty rest,” she rumbled on. “Mom!” Amelia called quickly, a bit frustrated. “You should stop too, Mom,” she looked at Ann. “You really need to. Besides, I thought we were done with this discussion. I told you that I’m not going to marry Zayn and no one else.” Derek looked at Ann. “See? She doesn’t want to.” It was actually pleasing to him that Amelia was fighting for him at the last minute. Ann sent him a glare before she looked at Amelia and smiled nervously. “I understand, dear but I’m not even talking about Zayn now. I’m talking about the president of Aircastle.” Derek felt alarmed. He looked over at Ann quickly. “What about him?” Ann gave him a cold look. “What did I say about interrupting me?” she yelled. “This i
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Chapter 8: Disregarded son-in-law
“I’m waiting,” Kevin reminded suddenly.Ann let out an exasperated sigh, she knew what she had to do at that moment to avoid trouble. It was Derek’s fault anyways. If he had agreed to the divorce, Amelia would have been able to get a nice and rich suitor. Then, Kevin wouldn’t have the gut to threaten her. Kevin knew how much the family’s company meant to her and that she would do anything to make sure Amelia doesn’t lose it.Besides, she just needed to keep Kevin shut for a while. She would force Derek to get a divorce and she would make sure Amelia marries a rich man.“Alright, I will call you when I’m less busy. Don’t call me until then.”“No problem, Ann. I will be waiting but I might be forced to come over to your house if you don't call me back before the end of today,” he reminded her and hung up.Ann sneered at this. She felt a stab of annoyance. It was Derek’s fault anyways and she was going to make sure that he pays for it. She stomped out of her room in anger and made towar
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Chapter 9: Mockery
Derek decided against it very quickly. There was no point doing it anyways. It would only cause more problems. Asides, Ann's mind was already made up.One of the security guards poked at Derek from behind. "Move it!" He yelled.Derek relaxed and complied."Get the idiot out of my house!" Ann shouted with disgust.Derek didn't say anything as he was led out of the house."It's a goodbye to the live-in son-in-law," Ethan laughed in mockery as he was being pulled out of the house. The security guards led him out of the house and shut the gate against him.Derek released a sigh. He had nowhere to go because he hadn't settled down and his family house was out of Orange-park.He picked up his phone and placed a call to Fred. He picked it up immediately as if he was already expecting Derek to call."Hello, young master. Are you coming home today?""Uh_," Derek hesitated. "No, but I need to find a house as soon as possible.""Oh," Fred seemed to relax. "Where would you like to go? You could
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Chapter 10: Come through
"What?" Derek couldn't believe it. "How could you use the backup money? You know how much this money means to the company. Or have you forgotten that the company is on the edge of going into bankruptcy?"Ann felt a stab of annoyance at his words. "How dare you talk to me like that? Who are you to meddle in my family matter? Do you still believe you are married to my daughter, just keep living in the dream. You are nothing to us, so shut your fucking mouth!" She yelled in anger.Derek shook his head briefly. "I will take anything ma'am but not this. I will not let you use the backup money. It's important to the company."Derek's words annoyed Ann the more. She moved closer to him and gave him a slap across his face. "What insolent!" She stressed. She was almost red with rage. "It's none of your business. And don't you ever talk to me like that again or you will have yourself to blame. it's something we can handle. You aren't part of the family anymore, so you have no say in it. Besides
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