Chapter 2361 In Search of Art

The next day, Sofia is in her custom-decorated room, with various shades of pink on the walls and curtains. She is in a red nightgown, sitting on the bed, smiling when she finds the number of Rocha Mansion in the phone book.

As she dials, she waits anxiously, her heart pounding...

“Rocha Mansion, good morning?”

“Good morning, this is Sofia Vasquez.” She says by forcing her voice to sound like she’s been awake longer, “Can I talk to Alan Rocha?”

“Wait a moment.” It was Hector.

Sofia waits as long as necessary. Maybe she called too early, maybe Alan was sleeping. What if he was sleeping? Would he be mad at her?

Alan’s voice came through the other end of the call, “Hello, Sofia! That was a surprise.”

“Good morning, Alan. Did I wake you up too early?” Sofia worries.

“No, I’m already awake,” Alan answers.

On the other side, Alan was only in his pajama bottoms, “I took a while because I went to see my friend Reuben.”

“Is there a problem with him?” Sofia narrows her eyes.

“He got stuck again
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