Chapter 2383 The Fashion Festival (3)

Vernon should have been prepared, but he was still startled when he read CLAUDIO GUZMAN on the door of one of the dressing rooms. How does a guy who isn’t even a model get exclusivity while Rodrigo Mountain was left out?

Disgusted, Vernon knocks insistently on the door, frowning. Elza approaches him at this time.

“Dear? That’s not how you’re going to get interviews with—” She chokes on the words.

“What did you say?” Vernon turns to her.

“I can understand the source of your irritation.” Elza recovers, “This is truly outrageous. Did Josias let it go?”

“Actually, he did.” Melissa appears from behind them.

Vernon and Elza turn to them.

“Melissa, fix this mistake now!” Vernon complains, “My son says Rodrigo is getting dressed with other unfortunates! This cannot happen. What’s going on at this festival?”

Elza jokes, “Could it be that Rodrigo threatened to explode here because of this?”

“I don’t think Rodrigo even knew about it before.” Melissa opines. She doesn’t know that Daryl spoke to R
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