Chapter 2393 Photos Not Available For Sale

Josias trips over his desk, causing his computer monitor to wobble, and some personal objects to fall. He drops his glass of whiskey, shattering to the floor with an ominous crash.

Ivan just faces Josias’s shocked reaction with a victorious smile, envisioning the arrest warrant that he will have edited to drag Josias to the joint.

Josias is careful not to step on the shards and turns to Ivan, “What kind of bad joke is this, dude?”

“DUDE?” Ivan breaks the smile and is outraged, “You never manage to keep your composure, eh, Mr. Rocha?”

Josias doesn’t care, “I want to know how you consider me a suspect, and then ask the suspect if he had the victim killed, hoping I’d answer ‘yes’!”

Ivan shrugs, “Sometimes we ask that question just to get a reaction.”

Josias rages upon realizing he’s fallen for the trap, “Hey, the fact that I reacted with surprise—”

“It means you are to blame.” Ivan completes with a provocative smile.

“I had my back to Cláudio Guzman!” Josias screams.

“I know.” Ivan cross
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