Chapter 2395 Examining the Photos

At Rocha Constructions, it’s Thierry’s turn to visit Josias. The young photographer hands over the envelope that Daryl has been eagerly coveting.

Josias takes the envelope and removes the contents. He looks at the pictures with pleasure and interest.

Afterward, he looks at Thierry and notices the uneasiness in his face, “Is there a problem, Thierry? Don’t you want to sell me the pictures?”

“I’d give you the pictures for free.” Thierry responds, “The problem is, I ran into Mr. Mountain, and he wanted the pictures too.”

“Mr. Daryl Mountain?” Josias is startled.

“Yes.” Thierry pours himself a drink, “He got more excited as soon as I said the pictures were for you.”

Josias chuckles, “Don’t worry about the imbecile. He only asked you to buy the pictures because he knew they were for me.”

Thierry takes a sip of whiskey, “It’s not like that, Mr. Rocha. This isn’t the first time Mr. Mountain has asked me for pictures of you. The first time, he asked for a picture of your son dancing with Miss
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