Chapter 2396 Everything Is Arranged

At Crystal Blue, Daryl and Patrick continue to talk.

“YOU want to quit, Pat? That is the most meaningless talk I have ever heard in my entire life.”

Patrick is wide-eyed, “You have to believe me, Mr. Mountain! Your child is becoming arrogant and dangerous! Soon, even you won’t be able to control him!”

Daryl refuses to believe the accusations, “My son is just reacting to years of teasing from you. Pat, if you spent your energy making peace and living peacefully with my son, we wouldn’t even have this conversation.”

“OK, OK, I promise I won’t let my job down anymore when it comes to Felipe being the maître d’!” Patrick gestures and starts to sweat.

“And you promise to live peacefully with my son, being friends?” Daryl raises an eyebrow.

Patrick is silent for long seconds, then answers, “I need to get back to work, sir.”

Patrick leaves the office and slams the door shut like he’s running away from some dinosaur.

When Daryl

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