Chapter 2399 One Revelation

At the police station, Josias and Amoreira come to the same conclusion about the photos. Ivan remains indisposed, because he wanted to arrest Josias for the attack, but...

“Sergeant Moraes...” Josias leans towards him at the desk, “Do you now understand that Daryl Mountain was trying to KILL ME?”

Ivan looks at the photographs only to avoid facing Josias completely right.

Amoreira confirms his theory, “Yes, that’s what I also concluded. Mr. Mountain wanted to shoot Josias Rocha, but missed and accidentally hit Cláudio Guzman.”

“And he managed to get away by getting into the middle of the mess when everyone backstage started running and pushing each other.” Josias concludes triumphantly, “If you double-check the CCTV footage at slow speed, chances are you’ll spot Daryl among the crowd.”

“Yes, knowing he was there, it’s likely that I’d find him,” Ivan states with a frown.

“And there is one more thing.” Josias continues, “Thierry Lafayette told me that Daryl Mountain approached him in the
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