Chapter 2400 Why Josias Wasn’t Shot

Ivan and a few helpers show up at Crystal Blue just as they are about to open for midday service. Felipe, in his post as maître d’, is surprised by the unexpected visit.

“Gentlemen, have you booked a table or can I help you with something?”

Ivan laughs, “Look guys, he thinks we came for grilled salmon!”

Ivan’s helpers burst out laughing, offending Felipe.


Ivan shakes his head, “Are you Daryl Mountain’s adopted son?”

“Yes, Felipe Mountain.” Felipe is on guard.

“Come with me to the police station, boy. We need to talk about a complaint that was filed against you.”

Diane observes the situation from the bar and bristles, “Hey, what’s going on here, Sergeant?”

Ivan regards Diane with contempt, “The mother always wants to defend the calf, no matter how wrong he is! Thankfully, Victor will be different.”

Diane comes out from behind the bar and approaches them in large strides. The other waiters are frozen in astonishment.

“Let go of my son! He didn’t do anything wrong! Do you want t
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