Chapter 2401 Two Returns


Another new year for Josias. He pulls back the master suite curtains, scarcely able to believe that God has been merciful in giving him a full and satisfying life.

He smiles as he looks down to see his gardeners carefully tending the grass and flower beds. Melissa always has a strong opinion about flowers.

He looks around and sees the beachfront skyline of Sunset Village slowly being taken over by mansions just as fabulous as his. Sunset Village became synonymous with elegance and refinement, and those reaching the same level wanted to show off their status in this exclusive neighborhood.

Josias looks back and sees his beloved Melissa sleeping peacefully in the double bed. A little longer, and they would be legally married. Rumor has it that Kelvin has already found another girl, but these are rumors...

Melissa turns to the left and starts to wake up. Josias hurries over and places a kiss on her lips.

“A good morning kiss.” He declares gallantly.

Melissa opens her eyes and smiles
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