Chapter 2424 I’m Ready

Elza meets Vernon in his office. She has a notepad in her hands.

“Hello, dear. Shall we have lunch together?” Vernon greets her while looking at something on his computer.

“Only if we go to our hotel restaurant. Jane is raving about the dishes Benjamin cooks. It doesn’t matter what season he stays in: starters, meats, pasta, desserts... He rocks.”

“And what are you waiting for to promote our child prodigy?” Vernon asks with a smirk.

“I’m waiting for the current chef to retire.” Elza sat down in a chair that was lying around, “In the meantime, I am taking care of our son’s wedding ceremony.”

“Melissa is in the kitchen talking to João Paulo,” Vernon informs her.

“Hmm... I can’t imagine why.” Elza looks at the notepad, “I’m confirming the guests. Do you and João Paulo intend to attend? Will there be any last-minute appointments or editorial meetings?”

Vernon stands up good-naturedly, “Write our names in there, and include João Paulo as best man. I’m sure Josias will want that.”

“OK. What
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