Chapter 2427 Josias and Melissa Get Married (3)

Cláudio Guzman is received with applause as soon as most of the guests see him enter the ballroom.

Olivia, unaware of how obvious she is, approaches him, being the one who says the loudest, “Congratulations, CONGRATULATIONS! Claudio, we are very happy that you made it. May God bless you and give you many years of life to come to crush your enemies!”

“How can you include ‘God’ in a bloodthirsty sentence like that, Mrs. Vasquez?” Claudio asks jokingly, making the others laugh.

Erasmo drapes his arm around Olivia’s back, “Forgive my wife, Mr. Guzman. Come on, the champagne is delicious.”

“Thank you, Mr. Guzman. You know, I’d like to chat...”

The gentlemen walk away, leaving Olivia behind.

Dora approaches her, “Olivia, are you a fan of Mr. Guzman? My daughter told me about the mess with the dressing rooms.”

Olivia wakes up from the immoral daydreams she was having with Claudio and turns to Dora, trying not to offend her, “Did your daughter also say that this was all her brother’s fault?”

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