The Unconquerable son-in-law

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The Unconquerable son-in-law

By: Deliaha Shine CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Mason is abused and faceslapped by his wife, Bella and her mother for being poor. One day he comes across a lucky system which will make him a millionaire if he is able to consume one million dollars within three days. He tries it out and he ends up winning another unlimited one million dollars and also a spot to become the CEO of a billion dollars worth gaming company. He is now a billionaire, his life has changed, his system is producing lots of billions of dollars for him. One thing is remaining for him to achieve and that is Revenge. He is going to revenge all those that had belittled him while he was poor, one of whom is his wife. How is he going to balance the strict requirements of his system, with the burning urge for revenge? But he has to because all the wealth he possesses would be nothing if he doesn't. The tasks ahead of him is not an easy one, how will he achieve two contrasting things at the same time without failure?

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  • Malchom Watts


    very interesting novel

    2023-08-29 20:09:56
  • Vijay Sheri


    nice one but bit boring...

    2023-08-04 12:59:35
  • Ronan


    Nice story

    2023-08-02 11:06:28
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132 chapters
Chapter 1
Mason lay down on his creaky bed looking drained out. He feels his throat burning up and his stomach is turning up consistently. His temperature is rising every minute and he knows he has to do something. The stairs thumped loudly which indicates someone is passing by. Mason is living under the stairs as his wife and her mother have made it formidable for him to have a room in the house. Whenever they know he is home and in his room, they thump loudly on the stairs to disturb him. And Mason has no balls to talk."You lazy jerk! Won't you go to work today?" His wife, Bella's voice rang out loud with hatred visible in her tone. Mason stands up in fright. His stomach makes a loud noise yet again and he knows he can't go to work this way. He feels he will pass out if he goes to work, untreated. But he has no cash with him. How is he going to get out of this predicament? When everything died down, he stood up and opened his door slowly, making his way to the living room. He sees Bella
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Chapter 2
Mason walks away from their house with the intention of begging as Stella suggests. He will beg from anyone in the neighborhood and hopes they help him. Everyone looks down on him knowing he is poor and tattered and wants nothing to do with him. They avoid him like a plaque and warn their children to get away from him. Mason wonders how he offends them. The only offense he committed is to be poor, to be born poor. He has been living well but when that witch and her mother got into his life, they destroyed it and any hope he had laid for himself was destroyed. He feels worthless. He is bruised and offended by them. Mason stands and stares at the houses beside them. The neighborhood houses their neighbors who treat him like trash. Will they help? He hopes they help. He hopes they take pity on him and spare him a few dollars. If no one does, he will die. He has to try. He has to keep aside his pride and beg them. He hopes they listen. If they don't, then he will beg on the street, b
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Chapter 3
Mason stares at the bundle of money in the Man's hand and looks back to him. He thinks about the conditions. His stomach hurts and he feels like he is going to drop dead the next minute if he doesn't visit the hospital. He has to visit the hospital before he dies. No one cares whether he's alive or dead and that's more reason why he has to live so his death won't be in vain. This man comes out to help him out of all those he goes over to ask for help. They chase him out but this man wants to help him. And how is he going to pay back? He is wretched as hell. So poor that three hundred and eighty dollars is a huge amount of money for him. Three hundred and eighty dollars is something he can't afford immediately. His salary at where he works is one hundred and fifty dollars a month and Bella collects a hundred dollars from him every month after collecting his salary while he uses fifty dollars for himself and upkeep. So how is he going to pay back three hundred and eighty dollars in
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Chapter 4
Mason opens the glass door and steps in. The supermarket is filled with customers who come to buy something. Mason enters his workplace around 12pm which means he is super late. He wanted to enter the inner room to change and start working when the cashier in front saw him."Look, who is here?" She spoke out mockingly with a sinister smile. Mason averts her gaze and proceeds to get in. "The boss has been asking you. I'm sure today is the day you leave this job." She said cunningly and Mason stood on his track. None of his colleagues actually likes him and always makes fun of him. They make sure they find fault in him and table it to the boss. "Oh, Mason is here. I will inform the boss." One of his colleagues who saw him says in a haste and rushes over to get the boss' attention. Mason sighed and knows he is in trouble. He hopes the boss, Mr John will hear him out. He's not feeling fine and he should be at home resting but he manages to be here since he needs the money. Mason procee
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Chapter 5
Mason steps out of the supermarket. He can hear his colleagues laughing and mocking him on his way out. They are excited that he's been fired and out of their workplace. Mason scoffs out in annoyance and walks on the street. Where is he going to start from? He has three hundred and eighty dollars to pay by month's end. His wife collects hundred dollars from him after getting his salary. And he takes care of himself with fifty dollars. Now that he has been sacked from the only job that he does, how is he going to survive? If Bella gets to know that he has no job which she will know for sure, she and Stella will surely chase him out of his house since he will be of no use anymore. He will be of no use to them anymore and they will chase him out of his house. What should he do now?Should he go over to the man who lent him money and start working as his servant. Since he can't pay the money because he has no means anymore, he should probably start working as his servant to pay off his
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Chapter 6
What should he do now? Where should he begin to spend this money? Mason wonders as he brings out the phone to check the alert again. It is real! And time is ticking away. He has to do something fast before today ends or he will face unknown consequences. Mason braces up and thinks of buying things he wants. He wants so many things. He can buy it with it and get himself up. He smirks as he finds himself in front of John's supermarket. His workplace where he was just fired. Isn't that amazing? Wouldn't they be shocked that he is here, getting some things with an unimaginable bundle of money that can never get to them in a day. Mason walks in with pride, even with his tattered clothes, because he knows he has something worthwhile. He opens the glass door and steps in. For the first time, after working there, the place looks beautiful and more radiant to him. The AC brimming from the supermarket gives him more coolness and he feels on top of the world. He has failed to see the amazin
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Chapter 7
Mason is finally attended to by the workers, his previous colleagues when it is verified that the money isn't illegal. They gathered up what he wanted and Mason bought so many items worth the money in his account. He has to spend that money for today and he shouldn't fail. He brought two clothes for himself and paid for it too. The clothes and some beverages he buys are for himself and they help him pack it in a bag. While the others he buys weren't for him because how is he going to gather it up. Where is he going to put it? He can't take it to his house to avoid suspicion from Bella and attract thievery. If Bella knows this, she may take some drastic steps or change and she wants to test her first. "So where should we deliver what you brought?" Mr John asks. He makes sure he stays by them while answering Mason because he doesn't want them to fumble in front of him or lose their cool.The one standing in front of them isn't the employee he sacked then but a customer, a wealthy cu
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Chapter 8
Mason steps on the pouch of his house. He sighs in relief when he finally gets home. Now he can rest. He's really tired as that day was one long day. With all that happens, a day hasn't passed. Everything that happened was within a day so it was enough to get tired. It's really tiresome to be in a drama for a whole day. A real drama that can change your life. As Mason was about knocking the door, he couldn't wait to devour the goodies he bought when he heard voices from within. Bella's voice with one other man, and Stella. Were they having a visitor? He is sure they will ignore him and if they don't, they will make a joke of him in front of their guest so they can prove whatever points they wanted to.Mason scoffed silently and opened the door in a haste. His eyes met with an unfamiliar gaze, a handsome man with wavy hair sitting beside Bella, holding hands. He should have known his wife was one hell of a promiscuous woman. The man can't be three years older than him. Mason won't
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Chapter 9
Mason sits in the kitchen. What happens makes him so sad that he wonders when last he is this sad because of Bella. It shows he really loves her but Bella fucked up. Mason opens the goods he bought and eats them. Immediately he gnashes his teeth on one and savors his taste, he forgets all his worries. He was glad and happy that he bought it. It makes him forget his worries and focuses more on the goodies. When was the last time he ate these yummy junks? He remembers his task, the million dollar in his account. How is he going to spend it? What should he spend it on? Should he develop a business? Which business should he use it on? Mason's thoughts keep wandering as he doesn't want to spend the money in vain. He wants to take revenge on everyone who thinks less of him. And to achieve that, he has to make good use of the money. Maybe he should open a supermarket like Mr John since he told him he would never be able to afford that. He can disappoint him with that. If he was a Mafia o
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Chapter 10
Immediately Stella was out of sight, Mason's phone beeped. He brought it out quickly after confirming that Stella was already in her room. He unlocks the phone and opens the message. A phone number was sent to him and an instruction under it. An instruction which says, "call this number under this message and he will tell you what you need to know." Mason hastily copies out the number and calls it on the phone. The number rang out several times before it was picked. "Good evening sir." Mason greets him immediately the phone was picked up at the other side. He is really curious to know what's going on. Are they really handing over a company to him? Is it because he passes the first task? "Evening. Please who is this?" The man asks. Mason's heart thumps loudly and he wonders how he is going to introduce himself. Aren't they supposed to have told him about him calling to save him the stress of introduction. "I'm Mason Anderson. A man called me not too long ago about a building handi
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