Chapter 2431 Improper Liberties

At the Rocha Hotel, Diane is walking the halls, looking for Jane’s office. She meets Benjamin wearing a dolman, walking in the opposite direction.

“Ben, so nice to see you! How are you?”

“Mrs. Mountain...” Benjamin tenses, “I’m fine, thanks. Are you looking for Mrs. Queiroz’s office?”

“I’m looking for Mrs. Motta’s office.” Diane tries to explain with a neutral smile. In fact, inside, she is seething with rage!

“Continue straight and turn left. There will be a plaque with her name on the door, you can’t go wrong.” Benjamin emphasizes and walks away.

Diane got the feeling she was called dumb, “‘Can’t go wrong’? Did he need to emphasize that?”

After that, she followed the instructions, and indeed, she couldn’t go wrong. The ‘Jane Motta, management’ sign was clearly visible.

“Our manager is so humble.” Diane scoffs wryly and enters without knocking.

Jane was on the phone when she jumped out of her skin, “We need— Ehr... Wait a moment, we’ll continue the conversation later. In the meantime
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