Chapter 2434 Are Shortbread Cookies Back?

In the Mountain penthouse, Diane is waiting for the oven to bake shortbread cookies. Felipe appears, smelling it.

“Mom, you’re outdoing yourself, huh? Did you copy the recipe from the Internet?”

“I learned how to do it, and it’s all thanks to you,” Diane answers good-naturedly.

“Yes, and the lady still had her reservations.” Felipe reminds her.

“OK, I admit that I’m diving into the computer world.” Diane laughs, “Although I feel old and unqualified.”

“Mother, you aren’t old.” Felipe asserts, nudging her, “I still don’t know how Dad lets you work in peace in that bar, with countless male customers harassing you.”

“I try to take it in stride.” Diane sniffs some more, “Oh, I think they’re ready.”

Diane turns off the oven. Afterward, she takes a kitchen glove and puts it on her hands to open the lid and take a closer look.

Daryl appears and is surprised by what he sees, “Hey, isn’t that smell...?”

“Buttery cookies!” Felipe exclaims anxiously.

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