Chapter 2443 It’s Not Worth Deluding

At Crystal Blue, Shirley is not pleased with Daryl’s denial.

“Son, I know it’s been a few years, but I think we can resume family ties.” She peacefully states.

“What are you doing here, mother?” Daryl asks with a frown.

“I came here to help you!” Shirley approaches, “I saw it all on TV how you were wrongly arrested. I want to say some truths to that evil sergeant.”

Daryl fumes, “Don’t try to say anything, Mom! You’ll make the situation worse and the police will want to arrest me just because you’ve defied authority.”

“That’s kind of impossible to happen, son, unless the sergeant is pretty corrupt.” Shirley blinks.

“Mother, you don’t deceive me.” Daryl shakes his head, “I know everything. You wrote letters to Uncle Francisco wanting to relive the past. He is married to Isabel Freire and they’re both very happy.”

“How can your uncle be happy with the mother of a lunatic? A guy who set his own house on fire while his wife was traveling to the Capital! And his wife went crazy too.”

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