Chapter 2454 Nowhere Else to Go

In a VIP suite at the Rocha Hotel, Shirley opens the door to her firstborn.

“DARYL! My boy, come in, come in!” Shirley makes room.

Daryl walks in and is taken aback by the suite's art deco decor, “Mom, this suite is costing you a lot of money! How are you managing to pay for this room?”

“With my shortbread cookies,” Shirley answers with a sweet smile.

For a few seconds, Daryl actually believed in the possibility that his mother was COOKING inside a luxurious suite, but he woke up to reality, shaking his head, “Don’t make fun of me, Mom. If you are having difficulties...”

Shirley wags her index finger, “Don't even start, son. You need money to support your wife and child, now that Josias Rocha has stolen your livelihood.”

Daryl takes a deep breath, “Fourteen years giving my blood to that restaurant.”

“Son, what are you thinking of doing now?” Shirley leads him to the overstuffed sofa.

Daryl sits up, “I don't know yet, Mom. I don't know if Claudio is going to kick me out or keep me as h
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