Chapter 2474 Surprises at Lunch

At Rocha Mansion, Josias and his family gather for lunch. The maids serve the options and uncover pans and cloches. The penetrating smell of chicken pie fills everyone’s nostrils.

“Hmm...” Josias sniffs theatrically, making the others laugh.

“It’s delicious just to smell it,” Melissa comments.

“And Carol advertised it for Reuben.” Josias looks around the table, “Where is he?”

Mary and Ignacio enter the dining room led by Hector.

Alan already knows what happened, but he asks anyway, “Kids, what happened to Reuben?”

“He’s almost getting out, and he said we could have lunch while he finishes going through the tunnel,” Ignacio speaks as if he has the situation under control.

Caroline laughs, “Did you guys wash your hands?”

“Yes, sis.” Mary holds out her little hands. Caroline nods.

“Sit down, children.” Melissa points to the free chairs and they sit down.

Hector leaves. He calls two gardeners to move a trapped Reuben to the most secluded corner of the second floor.

When the butler is comi
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