Chapter 2475 Black Credit Card

In the Teodoro Building, Pedro tries to go through the lobby to his apartment without being noticed by Beto.

But Beto is still in front of the computer, trying to come up with a solution, “Pete!”

Pedro freezes his steps and turns to him, aloof, “Yes, Dad?”

“You’re young and understand these modernities better.” Beto smiles at him, “Can you tell me what happened to my computer? I’m trying to use it because of the tenants who are paying the monthly rent, but the thing is processing like hell.”

Pedro swallows hard and approaches the counter, “Ehr... This could be a virus.”

Beto narrows his eyes, staring at the monitor, “Pat said that, but I don’t understand how I was invaded by one. Didn’t you happen to click on something wrong?”

“I didn’t click on anything lewd!” Pedro almost gives himself away.

Beto smiles reassuringly, “I’m not accusing you of anything, son. I know you’re more careful than me. Anyway, I’m gonna have to look for something they call ‘antivirus’. But that’s only tomorrow
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