Chapter 2500 Let’s Pretend a Merry Christmas

Josias is in his office still thinking about what Felipe said. His cell phone rings.

Upon realizing that it’s an unknown number, Josias decides to look at the calendar on the desk. December.

It’s probably Everaldo!


“Hello, my great friend Josias!” Everaldo’s voice softened our hero’s heart.

“Everaldo, you need to appear and assume your human form!” Josias exclaims, “I really need your help, man!”

“What are you talking about, Josias?” Everaldo laughs, “I’m human.”

Josias shakes his head. He will never believe that, ever!

“OK, what does 2005 hold for me? Will my son be happy in his marriage? Can I trust the Vasquez family?”

“Your son will have a happy marriage like yours, after all, he takes after you.” Everaldo responds, “As for the Vasquez family, they’re not the ones I would worry about.”

Josias grips his cell phone tighter, “Do you know something I don’t know?”

“What do you mean?” Everaldo chuckles, “You’re the one who’s on top of things. You know who deserves and doesn’t d
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