Chapter 2508 Pact between the Motta Couple

Ulysses starts thinking about what to do to help his sister-in-law’s family.

“Does your sister know about the two of us?” He asks suddenly.

Shirley shakes as if she’s been shocked. Wide-eyed, she responds, “No, and I never want her to know! I’d have to kill her first!”

“Stop it, honey, you’re not a murderer. And I wouldn’t allow you to kill my wife.” Ulysses drops his smile.

Shirley smiles evilly, “You talk as if you still love her.”

“Just because we’re lovers doesn’t mean I want her dead.” Ulysses remains serious and threatening, “Besides, if anything happens to her, the police will first keep us as suspects. I don’t want that kind of media attention. It’s enough what happened to Daryl.”

“Do you believe what these people say?” Shirley tries to disguise the truth.

Ulysses tugs on his sister-in-law’s hair, “Shirley, don’t be smart with me. I know Daryl shot that gun. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the dexterity of a professional assassin. He must have seen too many American films and b
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