Chapter 2512 Ulysses Accepts the Challenge

Flávia visits Pizzeria Campos. She finds William sweeping the floor with better skill than before. Moving his arms even flexes his biceps.

Flávia stands at the entrance and begins to remember everything she felt for William in the 80s, but which she had to repress for two reasons: William was engaged to Stacy Moreira and she had become pregnant by Uélton.

But now, things are different...

Even William has changed. Because of his limitations, he no longer exercises like he used to and has become out of shape. Even so, Flávia couldn’t stop admiring him...

His beautiful face is still there...


William turns around and sees Flávia, “Cousin! How are you? Hey, it’s your first time coming here.”

“Yes, it’s the first time I’ve been here after many years...” Flávia looks around.

“I understand why.” William is embarrassed, “You didn’t come because I fought with your husband the same night his house exploded... and then, with the firefighters putting out the fire, I uttered a curse in the
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