Chapter 2529 An Uncomfortable Arrangement

At Ulysses’ apartment, Shirley casually says that she came to get her things, but Adelaide and Ulysses are appalled by this.

Shirley is amused by their astonished faces, “What’s wrong, guys? Are you suspecting something?”

She turns to Adelaide, “Sis, you don’t mind me staying here for a few days with my brother-in-law, do you? You know, I checked out of the Rocha Hotel because no one served me well.”

Adelaide composes herself, “If I know you, sister, you must have been very rude to the maids.”

“I just wanted them to do their job.” Shirley shrugs, “But that’s what happens when Josias hires family and friends instead of qualified people to be personnel manager.”

Adelaide stares at Ulysses, “Thank you, dear, for hosting my sister. But I believe she’ll now go to the Mountain Penthouse, where her son lives, correct?”

“Yes, I don’t want to disturb the couple!” Shirley smiles widely as if she’s in a Japanese anime.

Ulysses leaves the living room hurriedly, “I’ll go get your things, sister-in
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