Chapter 2532 The Husband Is Jealous of His Mistress

At Crystal Blue, Daryl gets up after spending hours sorting out the restaurant’s accounting.

Just as he thinks about stretching his legs, the door opens and Ulysses walks in.

“Did they let you in?” Daryl jokes.

“Your son showed me the place.” Ulysses is not in the mood to joke, “Daryl, I need to know if it will be possible to shelter your mother in the penthouse.”

Daryl has a slight suspicion about Ulysses’ haste, but shakes his head, “Don’t worry, uncle. If you see my mother, tell her she will stay at the penthouse.”

“I thought you would say she was welcome.” Ulysses analyzes him, “Your wife and son don’t agree?”

“They reacted negatively at first, but they understood that my mother cannot live under the bridge.” Daryl smiles bitterly.

“OK, then everything is fine.” Ulysses reacts, obviously relieved.

This makes Daryl ask, “Uncle, are you all right?”

Ulysses catches himself. He decides to be cautious, “You know how your aunt doesn’t get along with your mother.”

“I never knew. I always
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